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Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!


What a privilege it is for us as Catholics to be called to evangelize and spread our faith to our brothers and sisters. The Living Water Community,  in response to a challenge from our Archbishop, The Most Reverend Joseph Harris, launched the project “Catholics Return” on March 07,  2012 as a means of encouraging and welcoming home members of our Catholic faith who have stopped attending Mass and receiving the  Sacraments for a variety of reasons.


We are encouraged by the early response to our invitation, which has been sent out primarily via the print and electronic media, our web site:, and all the social media facilities.


Your interest in being a part of this project is welcomed and you are invited to complete and submit the Partner Application Form below so that a  password can be allocated to you.  This will enable you to access the “Start-up Package” for implementation of the “Catholics Return” Project in  your parish. This is an approach recommended to ensure the successful re-entry of the returning Catholics but, naturally, you may need to  expand it to meet any special needs in your area.


Our “Catholics Return” Team will be available to assist you in any way and to provide guidance or direction as your project develops. Once you  have set up the various groups/committees, we would be happy to visit and conduct an Orientation Session with them to clarify any aspects and  to give them a good understanding of the working of the project.


We have set the watchwords of confidentiality, compassion and charity as guides for us as we interact with persons returning and we urge all  your team members to follow these faithfully.


Once your parish is prepared and ready to welcome home those who wish to return, a link could be placed on our website to your parish website,  so that anyone visiting our website coming from your area, could get directly in touch with your welcome team via this link.  It is possible that  your website may have to be updated to accommodate this. In this area, our technical staff member may be able to assist you.


We are hopeful that, by the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this movement back to our Church will gain momentum and that  soon many more parishes and communities will partner with us as we bring back home our missing brothers and sisters.  We feel sure that the success of this project will also be manifested in improvement in the quality of family life, as we know that where Jesus is  present, love, kindness and forgiveness abound.  From the feedback we have been receiving, it is apparent that many practicing Catholics are  also benefitting from this project and, in particular, from the teachings and testimonies at our “live” Prayer Meetings on Wednesday nights.


We are especially pleased to welcome your parish to partner with us in this project and thank you again for your positive and encouraging  response to this important ministry with which His Grace the Archbishop has challenged all Catholics.


Yours in His Service

Rhonda Maingot

Community Director



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