Teachings of The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has been devoted to spreading truth since she was founded by Christ 2,000 years ago. The late Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, “It is easy to find truth; it is hard to face it, and harder still to follow it.” Pray that Christ will lead you to find truth, and that your heart will be open to the truth wherever you may find it.

Within each topic, you will find common questions asked by Catholics and non-Catholics about certain Catholic beliefs. After reading through the explanations we have provided, take time to learn more by using the many links we have provided in each section.

Apologetics Links: These pages will help you gain a better understanding of what the Church teaches and why.

Biblical Passages: Here you will find biblical citations and origins for Catholic teachings.

Catechism of the Catholic Church: This feature will link you to passages in the online Catechism, which will help you understand the specifics of the Church’s position and teaching on various topics.

Church Fathers: Please read some of the writings of the early Church Fathers to see how what they wrote about the early Church still speaks to what the Catholic Church teaches to this day.

Suggested Books: The Catholic Church has been blessed with many knowledgeable writers, theologians and philosophers over the years. This feature will give you some reading recommendations so you can dive further into some of the topics you are most interested in learning more about!

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